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Sneak Peek

Please click here to watch the trailer on Vimeo or here to watch it on YouTube.

A TDE “Sneek Peek” is also available above.

The Domino Effect is a documentary film that explores the process of real estate development in New York City. The film digs deep to uncover the complex networks of banks, developers, politicians, and non-profit organizations that shape our cities. During the last decade, the North Brooklyn communities of Williamsburg & Greenpoint, have experienced the negative impacts of excessive luxury development and gentrification, more than any other neighborhood in NYC. Told through the voices of longtime residents, this film conveys the personal impact of real estate development in their community while shedding light on issues encountered by residents of cities across the country.

Will your neighborhood be the next to fall?

Full release Summer 2012. For information on setting up screenings in your community or classroom please contact Megan Sperry at

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