Domino Sugar

about the film:

The Domino Effect is a feature length documentary film that explores the origins and impacts of gentrification and luxury redevelopment in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Brooklyn under the Bloomberg administration. The film follows the rezoning of the Domino Sugar Factory on the East River waterfront and delves deep into the politics and economics of urban development on the frontier of Brooklyn’s gentrification.

The Domino Effect critically engages controversial issues of contemporary urban development. Why have decent jobs and affordable housing for the middle and working classes become increasingly scarce while gleaming towers of luxury condos, high-end retail, and offices continue to rise? What is at stake in the shaping of the 21st century city and How can we intervene to protect the neighborhoods we love?

Told through the voices of longtime residents, the film conveys the personal impact of gentrification while shedding light on the struggles faced by communities across the nation.

Will your neighborhood be the next to fall?

For questions about the film please email send an email to info@thedominoeffectmovie.com

About the filmmakers:

Daniel Phelps
Director of Photography

Daniel Phelps is a New York City based Editor & Director of Photography. His work consists of various forms of non-fiction media, specializing in the use of hi-technology for digital storytelling.  Holding a B.S. in Mass Media Communication as well as a M.F.A. in Integrated Media Arts, he currently teaches Non-Fiction Storytelling & Digital Media Production at York College in Jamaica, Queens. Daniel’s most recent work advocates for fair housing and informed urban planning in New York City.

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Megan Sperry
Megan Sperry is an artist, activist and documentarian who lives in Jersey City, NJ. Her projects range from documentary films to published news articles, still photography and multimedia installations. She has been involved with many organizations in New York City, including The BLK ProjeK, Libertad Urban Farm, Green Bronx Machine, NAG [Neighbors Allied for Good Growth], The Greenpoint Reform Church and W.O.R.T.H [Women on the Rise Telling HerStory]. Megan has also contributed to The Greenline, a community paper in Greenpoint Brooklyn, and the Hunts Point Express, a community paper that serves the Hunts Point and Longwood neighborhoods of the South Bronx. In addition to creating social messages, Megan is interested in training under served communities how to utilize multimedia tools as a resource to advocate for social justice.

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Brian Paul
Brian Paul is a policy analyst, researcher, and urban planner New York. He is currently Research and Policy Coordinator for Common Cause/NY and his work involves a wide variety of public policy issues including campaign finance reform, tax equity, and reform of economic development subsidies. He has a Masters degree in Urban Planning from Hunter College and previously worked with Professor Tom Angotti at the Hunter College Center for Community Planning and Development. While at Hunter, Brian focused on issues of sustainability, equity, and civic participation in urban development and continues to work with community groups in Chinatown/Lower East Side to help advocate for a community based rezoning plan.

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